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$68k needed to bring Nii Odoi Mensah’s corpse back to Ghana

It will cost $68,000 to bring former Ghana Actors Guild President, Nii Odoi Mensah’s corpse from China to Ghana, filmmaker, Socrate Safo has revealed.

The former actor died in China on Monday while undergoing kidney treatment. Earlier, Socrate Safo had stated that Nii Odoi Mensah needed $26,000 for treatment as there were complications.

Speaking on Peace FM’s Entertainment Review on Thursday, Socrate who was one of the best friends of the deceased disclosed that the amount needed before the corpse could be transported to Ghana is more than twice the amount that was required for the treatment.

“The drama is, it’s going to cost $68,000 to bring the body back to Ghana. The cost covers the hospital bills, undertaker and other things,” he noted.

Socrate Safo

According to Socrate, the hospital decided to continue with the treatment with the hope that the $26,000 will be settled. However, it got to a point where the cost kept increasing so they resolved that he be returned to Ghana while they send him the drugs.

“He was to return to Ghana on Sunday. He was discharged but got relapse. They did what they could but lost him,” Socrate said.

The ‘Hot Fork’ producer added that one other reason doctors decided to treat Nii Odoi Mensah even when the amount had not been paid was the impression that he will recommend them when he gets well and comes back home.

“They continued treating him because they got to know he was an actor and concluded that he could advertise them when he returns to Ghana,” he indicated.

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