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Yahoo Messenger will shut down from today and users will not be able to access its services, including chats after July 17.

Yahoo Messenger users will be redirected to a new Squirrel service, which is currently ‘invite only’. People who already have access to the app can invite others. Yahoo started beta-testing Squirrel group chat service in May. Interested users can also request for an invitation.

Yahoo Squirrel group chat app is available for download for Android and iOS users on Play Store and App Store respectively.

Among features of the app, users can create separate rooms for specific people or topics, turn off notifications in rooms, create secret rooms for private chats, and more. Yahoo Squirrel app includes the ability to mention and link to other rooms as well as find and attack GIFs in chats.

The older version of Yahoo Messenger was shut down on August 5 in 2016. The newer version of the chat app, which is shutting down on July 17, was launched in December 2015. Yahoo Messenger shuts down almost 20 years after the chat app made its debut.


On March 8, 1998, Yahoo announced Yahoo Pager, and later renamed it as Yahoo Messenger in 1999. Yahoo Messenger was the first real platform for real-time communication that allowed options to send images and real-time updates.


Last summer, Yahoo sold its core business to Verizon for close to $4.5 billion. Yahoo was merged with AOL as part of the deal.


Yahoo Messenger users can download their chat history. They will need to go to the downloader request site, sign in, select a verification method and then enter the Account Key.


Click Download and enter the email where chat history file needs to be sent and click OK. The chat history files can be checked for on email. The company recommends deleting the Yahoo Messenger app after downloading chat history.


Source: The Indian Express