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The Municipal Chief Executive for the Awutu Senya district, Honourable Michael Essuman Mensah has assured the Government of joining hands with them to “kick-out” foreign retailers from the market.

When asked by the host, Kofi Asamoah Aning as to plans put in place to eradicate such an issue, he answered on the “Omanbapa Kasa” show on Pink FM that, “The Trade and Industry has a role it plays and whatever we can do to help will be done to help Government fight it”.

He added that, the “offenders” have been offered a 30-day ultimatum and hence, “when the time elapses, they are ever ready to undertake any action needed to be undertaken against them”.

Hon. Essuman’s voice

Hon. Michael Essuman advised that it will help immensely if Ghanaian petty traders will help join in the fight against this menace. He said that when they are organised, “it will help fish-out the culprits” and make the fighting of the issue less complicated.

The Honourable M.C.E sympathized, saying it is a pity as to how some Ghanaians are facing challenges in the retail sector while non-Ghanaians are taking over the market.

Hon. Essuman furthered by complaining as to how some Ghanaians give-out their retail shops to these foreigners to operate, leaving their fellow Ghanaians. “It is not proper”, he stated. Mr. Essuman added that such acts are taken due to some amount of money issued out by the foreigners to these Ghanaians and that is not supposed to be done since it makes driving them out more hectic.

The Honourable M.C.E also emphasized that, these foreigners also live in Ghanaian rented houses. He indicated that the issue has gone a long way, as citizens of the country are thrown out from their rented homes and offered to foreigners for more money.

The M.C.E further commended the Immigration for a good job done but also cautioned them to be more on the lookout. He claimed that the service should check documents to verify the stay of such foreigners in our country and permits which allow them to operate as retailers.

He cited that some companies hire foreigners to sell in their shops but rather in turn use a Ghanaian to cover up when they are enquired about.

He went on to plead with citizens of the country not to offer protection to these foreigners.


The Ministry of Trade and Industry has issued a statement for non- Ghanaians to disengage in any retail activities since it goes against GIPC Law 2013, (Act 865) section 27 which states, “A person who is not a citizen or an enterprise which is not wholly owned by a citizen shall not invest or participate in the sale of goods or provision of services in a market, petty trading or hawking or selling of goods in a stall at any place.  Notice is hereby given to all non-Ghanaians who are engaged in retail trading activities contrary to the provisions of the Act to desist from doing so”.

An ultimatum was offered and will elapse on July 27, 2018.

Story by: Sarah Appiah/