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Unemployment: threat to national security

The term “National Security” refers to the safety of a nation against threats. However national security is changing as its framework is based on human evolution and behavior. There have been many factors contributing to the threat of the state including armed robbery, kidnapping, cyber crime, and gang violence which are mostly featured in the media.

Unemployment on the other hand, occurs when a person who is actively searching for job is unable to find one. However, unemployment is another threat which do not really catch the attention of the public. It is mostly overlooked but can be a major threat to national security.

The threat of unemployment is the source of some social and political problems faced by the country. The increasing rates of criminal activities and social vices which can put the security of the country at risk can be attributed to the high youth unemployment.

Unemployed citizens in the country especially the  youth, creates national instability as some frustrated and vulnerable youths engage in social vices. This threatens the peace that the nation enjoys.

Alexander Chikwanda, Zambia’s Minister of Finance, puts the issue more brief. He says “Youth unemployment is a ticking time bomb”, which now seems to be close to explosion.

The case of the three girls kidnapped at Takoradi is an illustrate example of this issue. Unemployment causes poverty, and that creates insecurity as well. In a country where many of its citizens are unemployed, poverty becomes common.

Poverty in turn drives some of these citizens to engage themselves into committing crimes as a means of living. As they do this, they harm lives and properties in the country leading to high cost of governance.

Poverty and unemployment are the most problems faced by many nations of the world today since they delay social progress. It is therefore important for the government to restructure its processes to reduce poverty and unemployment in the country.

The link between unemployment, poverty, and national security cannot be ignored. The government should start addressing the issue of unemployment and poverty in the country in order to help reduce the country’s insecurity challenges. Also, promote development and growth which will help the youths achieve their goals.

Story by Amanda Quartey