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A lecturer of the University of Cape Coast [UCC], department of Accounting and Finance Mr Seyram Kawor has disclosed his opinion on the recently released Auditor General’s report.

He made this claim in an interview with Kofi Asamoah Aning Pink FM’s “Omanbapa Kasa” morning show host.

The Auditor-General Mr Daniel Domelevo submitted four audit reports to Parliament in accordance with the requirement of the Constitution.

These are the performance audit report on management of health care waste, consolidated annual accounts for the 2017 financial year, public account- Ministries, Department and Agencies, and the District Assemblies Common Fund.

In the report, the overall financial weaknesses and irregularities discovered by the Auditor General mounted to over GHC 892 million.

Tax irregularities GHC 655 million, cash irregularities GHC 190 million, procurement irregularities GHC 41 million, pay roll irregularities GHC 1.7 million, outstanding loans, advances GHC 2.6 million, rent irregularities GHC 195 million, and the finance ministry toping with GHC 697 million.

According to the Lecturer, he is not surprised such irregularities are taking place. However the finance ministry is leading because all the other irregularities eventually end at the door of the financial ministry except the cash irregularities which occur as a result of human activities.

But when it comes to protecting the public purse, the nation’s internal control system in the various ministries and agencies are easily penetrated. Mr Kawor stated.

‘Tax irregularity refers to situations where people do not pay taxes or those supposed to pay are not paying the right amount they are supposed to pay’. What are the people who are in charge doing? Mr Seyram Kawor asked.

The individuals authorized to do the work are not qualified and so they end up considering their own personal interest which is affecting the economy now. He asserted.

Cash irregularities occur because people have been exposed to money. “A government entity is not supposed to take cash, they are supposed to pay through the banking system” Mr Kawor indicated.

Procurement irregularities occur because sometimes the people assigned to take actions inflate the prizes of the items, other times, there is conflict interest set in, where people open their businesses and dictate the goods to be sold.

What is the Procurement authority doing about it?, Do we have the right Procurement Officers who are supposed to look at these processes? Mr Kawor asked.

‘In any economy were there are a lot of sole sourcing issues it means that there is something wrong with that particular system.’ Mr Kawor added

Lecturer Seyram Kawor concluded on the pay roll, loan advancing and rent. People are not supposed to be given money to pay their rent. Some people leaving in government apartment are sometimes given money to pay their rent.

There are ghost names on the payroll of which some of them are not government employees. All these things affect our economy. The people involved in these dubious acts connive with other people who have intended to destroy the country.

If the mandate is given to the Attorney General, the people involved in the corrupt practises should be compelled to pay the principle amount with the interest accrued.


Story by Michael Nabary and Minnette Akuamoah/