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Former Minister of Education, Professor Dominic Fobi, in an interview with Pink FM on the “Omanbapa Kasa” show, highlighted on some scourges undermining the performance of students in the West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

Hon. Fobi’s voice

Following a recent report of a provisional result showing how poorly students performed in core subjects in the 2018 WASSCE, as compared to that of 2017.

When asked by the host, Kofi Asamoah, some factors contributing to the failure of students in WASSCE, the Former Minister pointed out firmly poor learning habits on the part of students.

He added that, there is the existence of a loosed bond between teachers and students, hence, making students lack the importance of education in their daily lives.

According to him, since there is the issue of lack of jobs in our system, students have become more conscious of professional titles, rather than acquiring knowledge.

Hon. Fobi emphasized on the issue of failure especially in the Core Maths and Science subjects, as one bigger problem the educational sector is facing. He cautioned that, an immediate solution to curb the issue has to be found.

He suggested the need to draw a “special attention” to both subjects since efforts to eradicate the problem over the years has proved fatal.

The former Education Minister pointed out the evaluation of teachers’ level of intelligence in their respective subjects, as a factor to help do away with the mass failure.

He added that, both subjects are taught differently, therefore, teachers must be well armed with the skills needed to teach them.

He also suggested the need to undertake a research, to know some activities to enhance the understanding of the subjects.

Hon. Dominic Fobi further seconded the idea of introducing the act of counselling to do away with fear in students.

The Former Minister advanced to the issue of cutting-down the number of subjects students study in a particular course in their various schools. According to him, it overburdens the students and puts tension on learners.

He went on to disclose that, during his administration as an Educational Minister, under the Kufuor dispensation, they lacked essential resources but they strived to achieve their aims.

He admitted that the country lacks enough assets but had to undertake a serious initiative, by introducing activities to help students succeed in their exams.

Mr. Fobi stated that, “there are lots of alterations in our system of Government, as an innovation is always interrupted by an incoming Government.”

Hon. Dominic also cited that the 4 years system which was introduced into the second cycle schools during the John Agyekum Kufuor supervision, was done to help learners have adequate time to study but was changed during the Atta-Mills Administration.

Hon. Fobi also stated that, the current Minister of Education is also determined “to schedule the learning period to help students gain enough time to learn… Also, WAEC has been entreated to release results on time, in order to assist students know their respective Senior High Schools and also to aide them commence lessons early”.

In Hon. Fobi’s final words, he pointed out Pidgin or social media language as one having influence on students in their exams. He claimed that students tend to use the short-hand writing in their final exams.

The Hon. Minister indicated that the local dialects of students affects them, since they make direct translation from their dialect to the English language  and entreated it to be checked.

Story By: Sarah Appiah/ Amoakoah Bernice/