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The trade conflict escalated. Is that the downfall for Huawei?

In recent weeks, the US goverment has put Huawei and numerous affiliates on a blacklist of companies. Their business relationship with US Partners was subject to strict controls.Now the trade conflict escaleted.

The US president Donald Trump called the national emergency in the telecommunications after the trade conflict with the chinese group “Huawei”. He accuses them of espionage with their products. The products from the chinese concern are on the black list. At the moment there is no public evidence and Huawei denies the assusations.

Firstly Google withdrewed under pressure from the US goverment Huawei immediatly the Android license. But than the US goverment backed down. The sanctions will be used in 3 months.

What are the consequences?

That means that Huawei owners has‘nt got acces to the Playstore and also to many apps and updates.                      So without an own software Huawei smartphones will be useless. That would be a catastrophe for one of the biggest companies in China. Thats why many owner of a Huawei worry that their Smartphone would be useless.But the already sold products are not affected by the sanctions. Google and Android promise that there will be security updates in future.

Until the 19. August every Huawei product will be supplied with apps and updates.After the deadline,cooperation between Google and Huawei will be ceased.Huawei will not be able to sell new smartphones with pre-installed Google services in the future.The subsidiary “Honor” will also be affected.Nevertheless, already sold smartphones will have to accept restrictions.The newest Android Update „Android Q“ will not be able for the Huawei smartphones.For getting these updates Huawei has to purchase another Google licenses.

Is there an alternative to Google Play Store?

Huawei had to build an own app and software infrastructure. There is also one in porocess for a few years. But an own software infrastructure is a big challenge but China is a very big market and Huwaei builded themself first in their own country before they have etablished themselfes on the world market. Therefore, US sanctions may affect Googles business in the future.


Story by Andrea Thieme/