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The Member of Parliament (MP) for the Kumbungu Constituency, Hon. Ras Mubarak has expressed his concern that the incumbent (NPP) Government is not serious in the fight against corruption.

According to the Honourable MP, “The Minister for Communication is a good candidate for causing financial loss to the state if the Special Prosecutor decides not to go after her”. He explained that, Honourable Ursula Owusu-Ekuful, the Minister for Communication has entered into a contract with Kelni/GVG, a company “nobody knows”. He added that, the signed contract is worth $85m and there’s no doubt that the Communication Ministry is recently losing court cases.

Hon. Mubarak emphasized that, the Board of the Ghana Cylinder Manufacturing Company was interested in investigating the C.E.O of the company, Mad. Frances Essiam due to allegations laid against her. Mr. Mubarak went on to question the Government as to why the said C.E.O is still in power whiles the Board has been dissolved.

Hon. Ras Mubarak suggested that, the evidences raised against the C.E.O should have been taken into consideration and she should have either be suspended or dismissed by the President till further investigations.

Moreover, he indicated that the New Patriotic Party won the 2016 elections on the basis of fighting corruption. He went on to challenge the government as to the reason why the Chairperson of Electoral Commission, Mad. Charlotte Osei has been sacked whiles others with “worst offences and have breached procurement laws” are still in power. He admitted that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) feels that there are hitches in the process used in the removal of the former E.C Chair.

He asserted that, there were flaws in the petition granted to the President for the removal of the E.C Chair and therefore should have been dismissed.

The Honourable MP remarked that the Chief Justice, Mad. Gloria Akuffo has breached procurement laws and hence has no right to accuse Mad. Osei of such a similar accusation. In his view, he claimed that the NPP dismissed Mad. Charlotte Osei from her post due to their desire of winning the 2020 elections.

Hence, “If the current government is serious about fighting corruption, these are some of the issues”.

Mr. Mubarak stated that the former E.C Chair’s appointment was an empowerment to women since no woman has ever been granted such an appointment in the history of the country. The Hon. MP for the Kumbungu Constituency poured out his amazement as to how the Minister for Gender, Honourable Otiko Afisa Djaba added her voice to the allegations levelled against the E.C Chair, Mad. Charlotte Osei.

Source: Sarah Appiah/ Jennifer Akyereko/