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Lawyer Maurice Ampaw, a private lawyer in Ghana has expressed his view on how President Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo is letting down the Judiciary as under the late Former President Atta Mills and Former President Mahama governance

He disclosed this in an interview with Kofi Asamoah Aning the host of  ‘Omabapa kasa’ morning show on Pink FM.

According to him, the law court is a hospital with the ‘’patients’’ having legal problems. The court must have all the facilities of an office – it must be attractive, well painted and a private washroom for the Judge aside that of the Assembly.

It is the duty of the Assembly to build a court structure which should not be part of the Assembly structure.

Lawyer Maurice reiterated that, Politicians concentrates more on other social amenities such as roads, hospitals, bungalows etc neglecting that of the Judicial infrastructure because they do not gain any electoral votes out of them.

Maurice Ampaw indicated that the Former Chief Justice Theodora Georgina Wood suffered under the National Democratic Congress (NDC) administration because she was not appointed by the government and the NDC lost a lot of cases in court.

He explained that the NDC made her work very difficult and filed five petitions to remove her from her position, three under the Attah Mills’ administration and two under the Mahama government.

Moreover, the lawyer stated that, the bungalows of some Judges are in a poor security state due to its poor conditions. Some courts are under trees in this era.

If such issues are not addressed, Judges will lack the needed respect. The renowned lawyer went to cite a law court in the Manfo District, having similar infrastructure issues like the leaking of roofs when it rains. He made it clear that it is the duty of the Assembly to undertake the act of maintenance. The court, he cited must be responsible enough to prompt the Assembly when the infrastructure is lacking maintenance.

Mr. Ampaw further made a suggestion to the Judiciary to create a way of raising internal revenue to support the maintenance. Mr. Maurice Ampaw made it known that he is in support of Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo’s move of improving on the infrastructure system of the Judiciary because she has only a year to retire.

The lawyer asserted that, is it about time we put pressure on the Presidency because Politicians are becoming selfish. Mr. Ampaw added that a person goes through a complicated process to become a lawyer. Hence, if the lawyer is transferred to a court which operates in a porch, can one blame them if they later go in for bribe?

According to lawyer Ampaw,  the Municipal Chief Executive of Awutu Senya District, Honourable Michael Essuman Mensah gave less attention to the complains of lack of washrooms at the Kasoa District Court. Hence, from his view, the MCE must be sacked from his position.

When asked by the host, Kofi Asamoah Aning measures needed to curb the politicization of the Judiciary system, the lawyer made it known that a strong campaign should be rallied against it.


The Chief Justice, Sophia Akuffo, on a four day  tour of courts in the Central Region discovered that Justice Felicia Gandezi the Magistrate at the Kasoa District Court is forced to use a chamber pot to attend nature’s call due to the lack of such social amenities.