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Support or Censorship? What is article 13?

The European Parliament agree the copyright law and trademark right at the 27.03.2019 although the many demonstrations in the EU. The law pursues the goal of adapting the copyright of the European Union to the requirements of the digital society.

The demonstrations were mainly against the controversial article 13 an(now article 17) and the associated upload filter.

What is article 13? Which consequences has the article?

In the articel stands:

“Internet service providers must ensure that content uploaded by users on their platforms is in compliance with copyright. If the right holders consent is lacking, providers must prevent the content in question from being made available on their platforms. Copyright detection measures are effective content detection technologies that should be used appropriately.“

(quote from article 13 EU law-making)

What does it mean?

Every content has to be proved by the platform. Every picture,video or music which is copyright protected can not be uploaded.

The problem is that the popular memes and gifs are based on picutres and videos those rights are not owned by the user. So they could be protected by copyright. The memes and gifs are not allowed to be uploaded in the plattforms like Facebook or Youtube. These platforms has to prove the content. If they do not prove it the copyright owner could indict the plattform.

To prevent this,the EU would introduce an upload filter. Every content which is uploaded would be compared via an algorithm on a database.

Supporters wants to force the rights of the creatives.

But the algorithm can‘t differentiate faultless between copyright violation or free medias. Like legal medias such as parodies,quotations or satire.

As a result of this many criticizers and users see in article 13 a restriction of freedom of expression.

Many people in the EU especially young people demonstrate against article 13.

In Germany more than 200,000 people took the street to demonstrate. In the capital of Germany Berlin demonstrate about 40,000 people against the censure.

Despite all demonstrations the European Parliament agree the copyright law and the associated upload filter.

The law will come into force in 2021.

Story by Andrea Thieme/