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Shatta Wale making youth go wayward – Akablay

Shatta Wale making youth go wayward – Akablay

Veteran guitarist, Anthony Aka Blay is not happy about some of Shatta Wale’s actions.

Despite Shatta’s talent and popularity, the ‘Taking Away’ singer believes that he has a negative impact on the youth.

In an interview with Graphic Showbiz, Akablay said Shatta Wale is not helping the youth with some of his utterances and acts.

“With his large fan base I don’t expect Shatta Wale to use certain words and engage in indecent acts. I know he has the largest fan base in Ghana at the moment but what impact is he making on them?

The youth are engaged in all sorts of bad activities because they see him as their role model and blindly copy what he does,” he said.

He however suggested that because Shatta Wale has a lot of influence on the youth, he needs to channel his energy into promoting positive things which will make them a better people.

“I expect a lot from him as the leader he claims to be because the youth are going wayward and I will blame it largely on him,” he said.

Akablay, is known for songs like ‘Taking Away,’ ‘Life in The Pot,’ ‘Life,’ ‘Edoke,’ ‘Genesis,’ among others.

Akablay has travelled around the world and played in different countries such as Germany, Denmark, Norway, France, Sweden and Italy.

In 2009, he was adjudged Best Instrumentalist at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

He also won the Best Guitar Player trophy at the 2014 Best Instrumentalists of Africa Festival in Cotonou.

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