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Rush on the Mount Everest calls many dead

The high demand to stand for a moment on the highest mountain of the world demanded 11 deaths in this season.

The season to climb on the Mount Everest is short. It is limited to late april until late may because of the weather conditions.More deaths have been in saison 2015. There were 18 deaths because of a lawine which craped down on the base camp. The trigger was the earthquake which claimed more than 9000 deaths in Naples.

The nepalese Goverment is under criticism

This season, the much deaths are not due to natural events. Reason is much more the too high pressure to climb on the mountain which lies between the border of China and Nepal.To hike on the Mount Everest you need an approval by the respective governments.China has a clear limitation, in Nepal you get it much easier.The rise costs of Nepalese side about 50,000 Dollars (264,910 Cedi).Nepal is a poor country and is dependent on the income from tourism.

The death zone

Because of the bad weather, to many people have been in the dangerous zone. There were builded traffic jams of people.There you should stay no less than a few hours. Some teams had to endure many hours on the way up and down. One of the consequences of the lack of oxygen are for example Pulmonary edema that means the lungs fills fluid. Many people also freezed to death.

In the last years too many people want to hike to the Mount Everest even though they are physically unable to do so.They underestimate the dangers and they have to deal with death.

In this season Nepal gave more than 380 approval. After the many deaths the government is taking consequences and will develop new rules for the next season.

Story by Andrea Thieme/