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It hurts when information concerning road accidents are being heard, seeing images of our fellow humans in the pool of blood. Not to forget about those who get seriously injured, causing them to be deformed for the rest of their lives.

My hands are shaking, my heart is gripped with so much fear, the tears from my eyes could not stop flowing, causing me so much pressure to write to Mr. CONTRACTOR.

How do you feel whenever you turn on your radio or television to have journalists reporting on accidents occurring on the roads that were in your responsibility to ensure they were perfectly constructed?

We do wonder why roads are being constructed and in the next few months, they start to develop potholes with which, if care is not taken by drivers, all we would hear is accident here and there.

Is it that resources for the roads to be constructed are provided and Mr. CONTRACTOR is not putting in his best to ensure their perfectness or it’s a matter of them being lazy or otherwise failing to use the resources provided for them effectively?

Mr. Contractor, due to your shoddy work done, in January and February 2018 alone, over 300 deaths occurred out of 2000 accidents. How do you feel about the numerous death caused by road accident?

I am aware that the construction of the roads involves the government, the technocrats as well as the contractors. Yet, that isn’t an excuse to construct just any road for our drivers.

The works and efforts of our President and his honorable Ministers to help move Ghana forward are highly appreciated. Some sods are being cut in the Volta, Northern and other regions for constructive works to commence for the enhancement of the economic sector in the country.

However, contractors working on government contracts are to help the government by doing great jobs that will last for the people of Ghana.

According to the Queen Mother of Akyem Bosome Traditional Area Nana Kwatemaa Minkyem II, contractors who have been given the mandate to work on government contracts and do not ensure good job makes the government and the country lose huge sums of money since the government has to spend so much to renovate those damaged projects. She made this statement when the sod was cut for the construction of the Akyem Swedru to Apoli Ningo road.

Speaking with a practical example, Nana Kwatemaa Minkyem II said, a contractor who worked on Akyem Adiembra road some time ago did a shoddy work which lasted for just few days and got weakened.

She then pleaded with the company awarded the contract not to replicate such action and help the government to help the country.

To the authorities in charge of roads and highways, they are entreated to stand on their feet to work hard and ensure that the various roads being constructed are well completed as they also have a great role to play in the development of the country.

From Bubiashi road to North Kaneshie, some areas in Osu and some places in other regions have their roads  developed potholes, with others poorly constructed and some still under construction whiles drivers use them. Currently some potholes have been filled with just sand which when there should be a heavy rain fall, it will end up washing away to have the holes back.

These can cause our roads not being safe for us to journey on. Our authorities in charge should not wait with their arms folded till there is an accident causing people to lose their lives before action is being taken. But instead, they should put in much effort if not to totally end, but help reduce the high level of road accidents in our country.

To drivers, whenever you are seated in your noble cars, have in mind that the lives of people are in your care. When we hear of road accidents, all we do is to associate them with how poorly our roads are, forgetting that the careless driving of some drivers are also the cause of the various accidents recorded.

There have been several news articles, documentaries etc. educating drivers on how over -speeding and over- taking kills. Yet still we see most of our drivers practicing these acts. Our dear drivers should try as hard as they can to abide by the rules and regulations governing road safety, not excluding the motor riders, for life is too precious to be messing up with it.

To my fellow passengers, I must confess, we do have a say when our drivers are going wayward. But it shouldn’t go to the extreme mile at which the driver will end up being destructed, thereby causing an accident to occur.

However, because drivers need full concentration to be able to drive us safely to our destination, let’s try to be humbly seated in their vehicles and not to be fighting or exchanging words with the mate which will get the driver destructed, for if he does, we can predict what will happen at the end.

Also, our hawkers should be very careful when walking or running in-between cars to get their products delivered to people in a vehicle. Their lives are very important to us so they should always be on a watch out and take good care of themselves.

Before this letter is being sealed, I wish to pour out my heart to the leaders and fellow citizens of this country. Each and everyone has a role to play for the betterment of GHANA so as to achieve the vision of moving beyond aid. As we all know, our authorities are always being held responsible for the tragedies that occur. Not having in mind that, as citizens, we also have a role to play to help prevent the unwanted from happening.

However, although roads are rough, drivers are urged to be very cautious when driving to help minimize the rate of accidents in the country.



Story By: Marcia Yeboah/