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The Ghanaian football legend Rev.Osei Kofi has spoken pending recent exposure of corruption in the Ghana Football Association.
Rev.Osei Kofi who in his prime played for Asante Kotoko F.C. and the Ghana national football team was a joint top scorer in the 1965 Africa Cup of Nations tournament held in Tunis, Tunisia leading to Ghana winning the tournament for a second time. He was the third highest scorer in the 1968 Africa Cup of Nations. Osei Kofi was called the ‘wizard dribbler’ because of his ball dribbling skills. All these achievements lead to his experience in football.
In an interview with Pink FM on Saturday 9th, 2018 Mr.Osei Kofi talked about a lot of things he presumed to be the way forward for Ghana football. First of all he stressed on the need to get a new GFA president because there are more experienced people who deserve the job, in the interview he stated “others are ready to do the job, it’s not only Nyantakyi who can do the job because he was even a lawyer before becoming a president and gained his experience in the job”.
Also he talked about the tendency of football getting to greater heights in Ghana because in the regional capitals the sports minister has started the cutting of sods to build bigger sports facilities.
In the interview he talked about one other important issue, the salary of the players. “In Nigeria if you cannot pay your player $1000 a month you cannot be part of the football association” he exclaimed. This means there are teams in Ghana who pay their players far lesser than this amount and are part of the football association. As a result most players are not interested in the coast leagues and travel outside to seek greener pastures. This does not make the local league interesting and attractive for the local players. To solve this issue there should be a salary level set for clubs to pay their players accordingly an clubs who violate them should be penalized.
Finally Rev.Osei Kofi revealed that there are laws in the GFA constitution that needs to be amended, for example in the cases where individuals without clubs are allowed to join the GFA, it’s not right and needs to be amended.