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Press Release By Ministry of Energy

The Ministry of Energy has issued a Press Release to respond to allegations made by the Minority spokesperson on Energy in parliament, Mr. Adam Mutawakilu.

The Press Release signed by the head of communication, Nana Damoah, at the Ministry of Energy, responded to three(3) basic allegations made by Mr. Adam Mutawakilu and the minority.

The Ministry described the first allegation made by the minority which is, “the Ministry has not made any proposal to the PURC for a reduction in the electricity tariffs”, as false and that the Minority are either being dishonest in the matter or were not diligent at all in their search for information.

The Ministry also indicated in the release that, contrary to claims made by the minority that, “the PURC is contemplating a major increase in electricity tariffs”, the PURC has not communicated its intention to increase tariff and that a major review of tariffs does not mean an increase as misunderstood by the Minority.

The Ministry stated it considers the claims made by the minority that, “the Ministry and government are meddling in the affairs of the PURC contrary to law”, as shocking. The Ministry further stated that, the PURC Act 1997, Act 538, which states that one function of the body is to “examine and approve rates chargeable for the provision of utility services”. Also section 18(4) of the same Act which states that, “the commission shall before approving any rates provide as far as practicable the public utility and consumers affected by the rates a reasonable opportunity of being heard and shall take into account any representation made before it” and as such have left the PURC to conduct their affairs in the manner they deem fit without any pressure from the Ministry.