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Mothers are precious gifts given us by God.They are our first love,protectors,shields and among other accolades.The love of a mother is priceless and hence nothing compares to it.It saddens when the love,care and respect of a mother is brought into disrepute by family members and strangers alike.

In a recent interview with blogger Chris Vincent,Madam Julie Yiadom-Oti disclosed that the husband(Mr.Tobi Sanni) of her daughter has accused her of being a witch.And this has hindered communication with her daughter leading to a more strain relationship between mother and daughter.

To add more salt to injury,Julie also said that she was neglected and made a mere commoner at her daughter’s wedding.And it has been long she spoke with her own daughter,Becca.

Madam Julie refuted claims of her witchcraft and added that she would have harmed Becca a long time ago if she was.

Given this shocking revelations,it is an undeniable fact that Africans as we are believe in the ancient myth of the existence of witches.We are quick to believe that misfortunes that have befallen us are the doings of witches and in most cases our mothers are the victims.

It has become prevalent in our African in our African settings to accuse mothers of our spouses as being witches.And thus,this needs to be discouraged.

Our mothers irrespective of whatever one says about them are still our mothers.And they must be treated as such.