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One year of Donald Trump…What has he done?

This picture was taken one year ago, when Donald Trump, now the president of the United States, and his wife, who was trying her best and smile, were entering the White House. Seemingly Melania had to be dragged to finally go inside.

A man has arrived, who is totally sure about the fact that the world is lying at his feet and he is able to recreate it, but he did nothing but to decrease the US credibility and become a reliable candidate for every political comedy show for them to get high ratings. People love to be amused by something stupid a person with so much power is doing, until they get scared and realize that this is really happening out there. That one of the world´s most influential country is ruled by someone, who is acting like a child and insults other heads of state as North Korea´s president „Little Rocket Man“ Kim Jong Un.

Nevertheless he described his work with the following sentence: “I don’t think any administration has ever done … what we’ve done and what we’ve accomplished in its first year”. And he maybe is right. No president ever insisted on an over – simplified travel ban against islamic states or was planning to build a wall between the US and Mexico, one of his many plans, which fortunately hasn’t become a reality yet.  Leaving the fact behind, that most people don´t want his election promises to be realized, he declares a lot and seems to be failing miserably in carrying out his promises. But if you take a closer look, he changed a lot in the past year.

Foreign policy

It seems like there is only one goal Donald Trump pursues in foreign policy; to undo everything Obama had reached for the country over the years. Trump`s matter is, like he mentioned many times, “to make America great again” … but only America. He realized the exit from the Paris agreement, which is about reducing greenhouse gases, so the global warming can be limit to 2 degrees. Likewise, he did with the transpacific trading agreement, everything, which was to build to unite the world and make the nations work together in one aim, he claims to destroy. Beneath Trumps administration the US became an unreliable negotiating party with a leader, who is rather ruled by emotions than any knowledge. He threats other countries to use harsher methods than diplomacy and even told the Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to save his energy, because the president is not willing to make compromises in any content.


But it is not just that, the president is separating the country, tearing at racial and societal divides, instead of uniting it and concentrating on what both Republicans and Democrats do have in common.

Trump – the one man show

“Every day, there is another thing. This is like reality TV, right? It’s not healthy for our country or the world,”. This quote from Ohio’s Republican Gov. John Kasich sums up what this presidency is actually about: Trump himself. It´s like ruling a state is the greatest self – aggrandizement for him. He sees himself as the world´s best business man, the only one, who can save the Americans.

His first year of presidency is marked with scandals, feuds and rash decisions. There are a hundred examples, which could be listed, but let´s just add a few here. For instance the bizarre debate about the size of his inaugural crowd, the reproach that Obamas administration wiretapped him and with his latest racist reference to African nations as „shitholes“ the president definitely crossed the last line, he possibly could have had.

Once there was the vision, that Donald Trump would be sobered by the responsibility of being a states head and give up on his hardly thought comments or racist and xenophobic opinion, but this hope is dying slowly.


Story by Elisabeth Fitzke