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One person died as building collapses near the Legon mall


One construction worker has died as part of a building project near the Legon Mall in Accra collapsed on Monday, October 22.

According to the fire emergency service, six others were injured when a beam from the building fell to the ground.

The deceased along with other construction workers were working on the fifth floor when the support they were standing on, collapsed in the course of the work. The deceased fell from the building and died on the spot when the support fell.

Six other persons who sustained various degrees of injury from the incident were rushed to the Emergency Unit of the Legon Hospital for treatment.

The fire officer, Ebenezer Simpson, said he and his team came 15 minutes after the incident to help victims.

“We saw that a beam of about 10 meters being supported by three columns collapsed from an expansion project going on behind the Legon mall,” he said.

He stated that he could not get any information from the people around. He added that there were some squatters who had occupied some wooden structures in the vicinity but none of them could give the information about what happened.

The fire officer said the managers of the project did not see to put in place adequate safety measures for the project near the Legon mall.

Meanwhile, the project site has been cordoned off as security officials commence investigations.