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Obengfo hospital’s boss not licensed at time of Stacy’s death -CEO

Dominic Andoh

Obengfo hospital’s boss Dominic Obeng-Andoh was not licensed to practise at the Accra’s Obengfo Hospital during the untimely death of Stacy Offei Darko says the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Registrar of the Medical and Dental Council Dr. Eli Atikpui.

Atikpui said that some time between 2012 and 2013, Dr Obeng-Andoh appeared before the Council, was found guilty of medical malpractice, and suspended for 3 years. But under the law, once a practitioner files an appeal, a stay of execution goes into effect, giving Obeng-Andoh permission to continue his practice until the appeal was determined. Obeng-Andoh, however, failed to renew his license, which gave the Council grounds to shut down his operation.

Atikpui, wouldn’t reveal why the Obengfo Hospital was still in operation following multiple complaints filed, but he says that the Council successfully closed the facility on two occasions, only for it to be reopened each time.

“Why was an institution that was shut down by a regulator reopened without recourse to the provisions of the law?” Atikpui asked.

A tragic death

On Sunday, her mother says Darko complained of feeling tired and admitted herself into Obengfo Hospital in Accra shortly after.

Two days later, Animah grew worried after numerous attempts to contact Darko were left unanswered. A nurse finally picked up Darko’s phone and informed Aminah that her daughter was in critical condition after having a bad reaction from an injection.  The nurse advised her to call her daughter the following day, but instead, Aminah says, she decided to go to the hospital.

When Aminah arrived, bad turned worse when Obeng-Andoh informed her that Darko was dead. Without her knowledge, her daughter’s body was transported to a mortuary and embalmed. It took Aminah 24 hours to find her daughter’s body, she says.

Stacey Offei Darko, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the NEIP

She was a very kind and friendly woman,” says Aminah. “Condolences have been coming in from all over the world.”

The hospital is currently closed and its website is down. Obeng-Andoh, who is the facility’s director, has since been arrested.

Problems in the past

Section 35 of the Council’s regulations states doctors must register for license renewal annually before they are allowed to practice.

“Dr. Obeng has not renewed his registration over the years,” the Council’s Registrar Dr. Eli Atikpui told Joy News at the time.

The Council suspended Obeng-Andoh for erecting billboards advertising his practice, despite a failure to renew his license.

Then, in 2016, Obeng-Andoh was arrested after several complained of medical complications following visits to his facility.

Meanwhile, Obeng-Andoh insisted that he was formally trained in the United States for two weeks. At the time of investigations, he said his patients held him in high esteem for sculpting their bodies.

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) is currently examining the case, but in the meantime, Atikpui has this piece of advice for the public. “Anyone who goes there to seek medical advice does so at his or her own risk.”