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New UNICEF report reveals shocking facts

The United Nations Children's Fund, UNICEF

A new study by the UNICEF, Levels and Trends in Child Mortality 2017, shows up alarming numbers about dead children and newborn , especially in south-Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.

According to the United Nations Children’s Fund more than 5,6 million children under 5 years died because of diseases and undernourishment in only one year, 2016. Subsequently that means 15.000 dead children every day.

Furthermore the new UN report reveals, that the daily number includes 7.000 dead newborn, who dont get older than 28 days.  Thereby one trend is particularly worrying: The proportion of under-five deaths in the newborn period has increased from 41 per cent to 46 percent from 2000 to 2016.

Most newborn deaths occurred in two regions: Southern Asia (39 per cent) and sub-Saharan Africa (38 per cent). Five countries accounted for half of all new-born deaths: India (24 per cent), Pakistan (10 per cent), Nigeria (9 per cent), the Democratic Republic of the Congo (4 per cent) and Ethiopia (3 per cent).

Most deaths of children are attributable to curative diseases such as pulmonary infections and diarrhea diseases. UNICEF demand from more governments to fight hunger and disease. Vaccinations, medicines, a professional medical care at birth as well as better sanitary facilities could save many children’s lives.

“It is unconscionable that in 2017, pregnancy and child birth are still life-threatening conditions for women, and that 7,000 newborns die daily,” said Tim Evans, Senior Director of Health Nutrition and Population at the World Bank Group. “The best measure of success for Universal Health Coverage is that every mother should not only be able to access health care easily, but that it should be quality, affordable care that will ensure  a healthy and productive life for her children and family. We are committed to scaling up our financing to support country demand in this area, including through innovative mechanisms like the Global Financing Facility (GFF). ”

Closing the report notes an interesting, but also shocking fact relating to the bad conditions in many countries and inequities in the world: If all countries achieved the average mortality of high-income countries, 87 per cent of under-five deaths could have been averted and almost 5 million lives could have been saved in 2016.