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Since a couple of days people are tweeting (with the hashtag #MeToo) about their sexism experiences in their everyday life. Every second another story pops up on Twitter. There are so many “me toos”, hundreds of thousands, so many that it is not able to read all of them. This level of sexual violence and harassment is hard to grasp. The actress Alyssa Milano, created the hashtag based on the scandal of the Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. She wanted a platform where people can show off and share their experiences.

Some people say it is just another hashtag between Trump-Tweets and the daily shitstorm. Just a little symbol which stands for hysteria and the indignation culture on the Internet. But the opposite is the case.

Women and men tweeting and talking about everyday sexism apart from Hollywood, power and dependency. All of this is happening on social media sites, where everything is about self-expression and not about one’s own vulnerability.

Of course there is awareness of sexual violence in our society. The silvesternight of Cologne, the intensification of the sexual crime law 2016 in Germany or the “Grab the pussy” remarks of Donald Trump. The topic is here and big. The powerful effect of the #MeToo hashtag shows that there is still much to talk about and that one should not stop to talk about it.

Anger and disgust those are mechanisms coming too late when you become a victim yourself. The people who are becoming victims do not know what is even happening in that moment. They are just so surprised by the situation. Doesn’t matter if it is the hand of the boss touching your leg a little too long. A guy following you on the street at midnight, or “I want you” on the escalator.

What to do? Words do not hurt, right?