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On the 19th May, Meghan Markle married Prince Harry Charles Albert David – short Prince Harry and consequently broke more than one taboo. This event got audience ratings Hollywood could wish for. Millions of people tuned in to see how they said: “Yes I do”. Was it caused by the general obsession with abundance, royals, and weddings themselves?  Or is there more behind this marriage, which makes the crowd interested? We are speaking of the “Meghan Markle Effect”.

The “Meghan Markle Effect” describes the impact she has on societies all over the globe, especially the British one. She influences in terms of fashion, modernisation, business, and feminism.

It’s a simple fact, that clothes the newest member of the royal family wore, were sold out immediately. She is responsible for the collapse of the website of a Canadian fashion smallholder´s online-shop after wearing their coat. Regarding that, her influence is huge, and she could easily dominate the world of fashion. Even though she is not always following the clothing rules of her grandmother-in-law.


Meghan Markle being “unroyal”?

Conservative voices are claiming that Meghan Markle, divorced, political progressive, Afro-American, and former actress isn´t a good choice for the Britain royal dynasty. Moreover, they say her independent lifestyle is “unroyal”, it doesn´t fit. With her pride about her roots, the Duchess of Sussex is leading to a greater acceptance and tolerance of different-coloured people. Racism is still an issue in this developed country. Finally, black British feel represented in the royal family as well.

In this part of the world, women with African roots facing many difficulties when they want to start their own business. In 2016 an Atlanta-based research showed, that black or Afro-American women receive fewer startups or funding compared to white entrepreneurs. This is maybe going to be changed soon.

Since critical comments about the antiquated and obsolete system of royalty are increasing, Markle brings a breath of fresh air. A revolution of the ancient history is necessary. The former actress is a hope. She speaks up her mind, is emotional and dedicated to themes like feminism. Previously minute protests indicated that, her wedding vow didn´t include the words of swearing obedience to her husband.

With Markle’s marriage into the all-white British royals, she showed that the world is transforming and becoming more modernised.

“It’s her race, her color, her class and it’s her age. It’s not just an African American woman thing, or an American thing, it’s a woman thing. I think all women can be proud of her,” said Camille Newman, a Brooklyn entrepreneur, summing up what the royal wedding was really about.



Story by: Elisabeth Fitzke/