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Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for Awutu Senya East, Mr. Michael Yaw Essuman Mensah has refuted claims made by Felicia Gandezi, a magistrate at Kasoa District Court, on the unavailability of facilities at her office.

Speaking on the Current Affairs programme, ‘Omanbapa Kasa’, he stated ‘’the judge at Kasoa District Court has a dedicated place of convenience which is used by her alone’’.

According to Hon. Essuman, formerly, the court was having an office at Kasoa Krispol City until they relocated to the Awutu Senya East Municipal Assembly (ASEMA) building at Akweley.

He furthered by saying that, the fan at the judge’s office at Krispol City was not even working. “It was even a store room at someone’s residential facility that the judge was using as his office. We couldn’t force anybody because it was a new assembly and a temporal place. We were even using a kitchen as a registry and my office was a small place but we were all managing”, he continued.

The MCE went ahead to say that, the payment of GH12, 000 rent per month worsened the case and they weren’t able to pay so they had to move out, which the Regional Minister even agreed to the decision. He implied, “Kasoa is a new Assembly with a huge workload that this money can be used for. The money can be used to collect waste swallowing Kasoa and also to buy desk for schools around the area”.

He disclosed that, during his swearing in at the time of his inauguration, the Regional Minister saw that place is not fit to be used as an Assembly.

The Regional Minister gave permission for us to relocate to ‘’Sedecon’’ (a proposed building for a library at Akweley) so that we can save funds. The judges were complaining when they were at the old building.

The Honourable concluded that, the magistrate came to him at the new place three weeks after they had moved, that she needed a dedicated door aside the main door, curtains all around the court room, air condition, and a regular flowing water system.

“After fixing all that she appreciated with a letter so I’m even surprised that the Magistrate is contradicting herself this way. We used to be good friends but due to what has happened, I even called her yesterday but she never picked’’, he expressed his amazement.


A Magistrate at the Kasoa District Court on Monday July 9, 2018 claimed that she uses a chamber pot whenever she attends nature’s call due to the absence of a washroom at the facility.

Felicia Gandezi explained to the Chief Justice who was on a four-day tour of Courts in the region, the hardships she has been enduring in her bid to administer justice.


Source: Elizabeth Adomah/ Bernice Amoakoah/