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It is disheartening to see Ghanaians sticking religiously to mob justice.

Until when will the rule of law prevail? Mob justice and other civil brutalities now take many forms and shapes like flogging, stoning and until recently striping suspects naked and setting them ablaze.

It has steadily developed into an ugly occurrence denting the 1992 constitution and an embarrassment to our democracy and our national identity and measures must be put in place to curb it.

 People have still not taken cue to what happened to suspects of our very own late Captain Major Maxwell Mahama because the action still takes place in some remote areas.

I wish to propose that the public should be educated on the 1992 constitution that protects the rights and freedoms of humans like the article 19(6) which cautions that no penalty shall be imposed for a criminal offence that is severe in degree or description than the maximum penalty that have been imposed for that offence at that time it was committed.

For instance, it is unconditional for a person suspected of stealing, which is only a second-degree felony to be lynched. Also people who break the law should be severely punished to serve as a lesson to others.

Mob action has the potential of generating into an intractable evil that would ultimately undermine the constitution and what Ghana stands for.

This situation to me is generally becoming something as some aspects of our democracy is being overlooked and neglected. It is now apparent that people think they are free to take the law into their own hands and execute instant justice.

The law must take its course on them as well and the rule of law must prevail.