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Las Vegas shooting

Fleeing People at Festival

A gunman open fired on a country music festival in Las Vegas, a city in the US state Nevada on Sunday evening, leaving at least 59 people dead including the gunman and injuring more than 500 people in the massacre, which took place at the evening of the 1. October 2017. The perpetrator, named Stephen Craig Paddock, thus was responsible for one of the worst mass shootings implemented by a lone gunman ever worldwide.

During the massacre Paddock was located at the 32nd floor of an hotel lying next to the Festival. He fired with several weapons out of his window for at least 10 minutes into the 30.000 people and launched thereby hundred of shots into the helpless crowd. Only after this long time the police stormed the hotel room, but just found the body of the 64-year old shooter, who killed himself before he could get arrested.

Because it is legal in the US to buy and own weapons it was no problem for Paddock to provide the in total 23 rifles which were found in the hotel room. After the massacre the criticism of the current weapon-law is growing in the US, but also in many other countries around the world. The weapons the could buy easily gave him the power to change or end the lifes of hundreds of innocent people.

Why Paddock did what he did is not clear at the moment. The Islamic State, which was responsible for countless terrorist attacks in the last months and years in several countries claimed also responsibility for the Las Vegas shooting and said that Paddock acted on behalf of them. Because the police had found no connection between the shooter and terror organizations or espacially the Islamic State, this statement of the IS cannot be confirmed currently.