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Kufuor’s Gizelle Yatzi back with a bang!


Gizzelle Yatzi, the woman behind the biggest presidential scandal in the early years of the Kufuor administration is back with a bang!

In a carbon copy of what happened to Ghana’s ex-president, JA Kufuor in 2004-05, the crafty, calculating, beautiful good researcher, has plotted yet another scandal this time in the US.

Her victims, are not as powerful as they were in Ghana; they are just middle class employees with a not too large income, but big enough salary to keep the family going.

Of course, Gizelle had to rely on her so-called connections with powerful presidents to weave her way into the minds and lives of her new victims and when she was done, she walked out with bags of riches, leaving her victims poorer.

Yatzi in Ghana

She came with promises to help a president, Ghana’s president JA Kufuor, who was new to his office but desperate to make a difference in the lives of his citizens.

She made promises to land deals that were non-existent. She was an advisor to the president, flaunted her borrowed wealth around and got into the mind of the president. And when her deal backfired she turned the guns on him with a weapon of blackmail, threatening to provide evidence of corruption, money laundering against the president and to ‘outdoor’ the twin sons- John and Philip Kufuor- she had with the married Ghanaian president.

Her blackmail was given a thumb of approval and together with a desperate opposition, a gullible media, Yatzi took the whole country by storm.

She gave names of the twins, photoshopped pictures of babies which were thrown around in opposition media all in a desperate effort to get even

And when everything failed she vanished into thin air and left behind threats of court suits against the ex-president and some media outlets, none of which materialized.

In less than a decade, after the Ghana episode, the woman with the face of a seductress, and possessing a bewitching brown eyes has resurfaced in Apartment 713 in the US.

She promised prosperity to a man-Underwood- who was down with emotional trauma from a divorce and promised to lift him up with her powerful hand which had the support of two world leaders- one in South America and the other North Africa.

She used the man’s lovely daughter to get into mind his, tore his soul apart and left him cold and dry

She raked in dollars, in bits, $1,000 here, $2,000 there, she demanded from her new found innocent victim, never in a hurry to get rich quick. But in the end she heaped a $50,000 profit for a T-shirt deal that never was and never meant to be.

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