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Celebrated Ghanaian hiphop/hiplife artiste; Guru has expressed his disenchantment in prophets who normally prophecy about wrong happenings but fail to prevent them from happening.

Two men of God are currently at each other’s throats over who first predicted the Kintampo disaster whereby eighteen students, fifteen from Wenchi Methodist senior high school and three from the University of Energy and Natural Resources have been confirmed dead with thirty others injured after a tree fell on them when they were swimming under the water fall– This was as a result of a rainstorm that hit the area.

Kumasi-based prophet Reynolds Oduro Gyebi who is the General Overseer of God’s Crown Chapel claims he should be credited with predicting the unfortunate incident, an Accra-based Prophet Samuel A Offei, the General overseer of the Lamb Apostolic Ministry Lapaz- Accra thinks otherwise.

According to Prophet Reynolds Oduro Gyebi he prophesied the incident while preaching on Kumasi-based Abusua Fm just last week stating “I have seen in a vision that a school is about to embark on an excursion to Kintampo Waterfalls, but they had an accident and all of them died. I want them to cancel the trip or postpone it.

In a series of tweets ,the ‘Samba” hit maker;Guru expressed his disenchantment over these prophets by delineating strenuously that:

“Too much accidents why ? –You can prophecy but you can’t pray to resolve your bad prophesies… why tell us in the first place?… So who is the leader of our religious bodies–is it the Peace Council… Bring them to order cos we getting fed up with some of our ‘pas nega’ attitude… So now no gathering for students right, cos it’s a sin to be entertained?

“Which kind of country this huh! –Always giving unproductive attention to unnecessary stuff that pulls us back to class one.. If you can’t pray to resolve it, please shut up…Young kids our future dey die on strange accidents huh innocent souls, so now we can’t have positive fun in Gods given world right?”

The sensational Guru, then also took the opportunity to caution President Nana Addo on road safety, “Please Mr. President Nana Akufo Addo, road accidents are getting out of hand please, we need to educate our drivers on Road Safety more on tv/radio”,

Guru is currently out with a world class video of his latest hit track “Will’.