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All over the world people in the entertainment industry have witnessed a lot of beefs between celebrities. The surprising thing is, the actors involved in beef seem to enjoy it more than their followers. The big question many people keep asking every day is, “Is Beefing Healthy for our artists”?

To begin with, beefing is done in every part of the world and in different industries, most especially the entertainment circles. However there are some positive and negative implications of it, and it actually depends on how the artist involved handles it, our focus will be on the entertainment industry in Ghana. On top of that, we will also look at some beefs that have happened between pastors in Ghana. Does beef really help, and is it necessary to do it?

Let’s start with the beef between Obrafour also known as “Ghana rap sofour” and Reggie Rock stone who is now a member of the VVIP music group. This particular one was very huge and serious to many people in Ghana because it was the first of its kind. Even though we had seen the likes of Abrantie Amankye Dede, Nana Kwame Ampadu, Obourba J. A. Adofo and others engaged in some form of beefs but it wasn’t massive like what happened between Obrafour and Reggie Rockstone in the early part of 2000, both of them were rivaling about who originated Hip life or Rap music in Ghana. Many had different opinions about the issue, later the beef died naturally, without knowing who won.

Interestingly, another person also came to beef Obrafour on the same line but this time around, he okyeame Kwame claimed to be the best rapper alive, Obrafour was not happy about that and another beef started with the two of them. I remember they released different songs to attack each other, they granted many radio interviews to defame each other and also they refuse to appear on same stage whenever there was a show. The question still remains, “Is beefing healthy for our artists”?

Fast forward, there was another one between Kwao Kesse and the VIP group made up of Promzy, Prodigal and Lazzy this beef was also big but it did not last long because it had a sad ending, by then Kwao Kesse was being managed by Mad time entertainment owned by late Fehnec Okyere, on the other hand, VIP was managed by Bull House entertainment owned by Lawrence Nana Asiama Hanson a.k.a Bull Dog.

Unfortunately, the sad end to this beef happened when the manager for Kwao Kesse was murdered in his house at Spintex in Accra. Bull Dog was subsequently arrest in connection with the case because he Bull Dog had threatened Fehnec on stage at a show; he did same on Peace FM when both were interviewed some days before the murder. Bull Dog was later acquitted and discharged by an Accra high court.

However, in recent times one person who has had a lot of beefs with fellow artists, is Shatta wale, he has done more than twenty of them with different artist, the important ones include the one he had with Samini, Davido, Wiskid, Sarkodie and stonebwoy, In fact, the beef Shatta Wale had with Stonebwoy, almost resulted in death. During the 2019 VGMA show there was a misunderstanding between the two on stage, as a result stonebwoy pulled a gun on stage. The organizers of VGMA took the issue to court. As a matter of fact, both of them have been banned from the awards scheme indefinitely.

The latest beef has to do with Kwodwo Nkansah a.k.a Ghana Lilwin and his friend Benson Oduro also known as funny face; both of them have been in the media lately over a comment Lilwin made against funny face concerning an award funny face won. Both of them have been attacking each other on different platforms revealing some top secrets about each other.

On the contrary, we have also seen some pastors beefing one another, an example is Bishop Daniel Obinim and Rev. Obourfour, and these two have been on each other’s throat for many years.

On the whole, beefing has both positive and negative implications, an artist has to be careful in the process, else he/she might say something that will end up hurting his/her carrier, although it helps some of them to get more money, views and likes on social media, they shouldn’t go to the extreme. In addition, some use these beefs to get international recognition and contract but it shouldn’t be stretched for long. Others also use beefing for publicity stunt to introduce the new projects.

Similarly, we have seen some artists whose carrier has gone down, because of bad beefs. Some also have lost respect in society because they got involved in some bad publicity stunts. Lastly, some artists have lost contract owing to some beefs they were involved in.

Finally, some people think beefing is good in a way but when certain areas such as marriage, gender, ethnicity and race are brought in, it spoils the whole show. Other people also have different views. After read this article, what is your view on the issue “ Is beefing healthy”?

Written by Sir. Kaas/pinkkfmonline