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An intimate relationship is something that every human being craves for.

Every human being wants to have the feeling of being loved or cared for by someone, the feeling that someone is always there even when the whole world is against their highs and lows they want to feel loved and protected.

Intimacy is defined as  a close familiarity or friendship, closeness, togetherness, affinity, rapport, attachment, familiarity, confidentiality, close association, close relationship, close attachment, close friendship, friendliness, comradeship, companionship, amity, affection, mutual affection, warmth, warm feelings, understanding, fellow feeling;


An intimate relationship defined by wikipedia is an interpersonal relationship that involves physical or emotional intimacy. Physical intimacy is characterized by friendship, platonic love, romantic love, or sexual activity

Many at times people misinterpret intimacy as sex but it’s not so. Believe it or not intimacy is not just reserved for your lover and also it’s not just about a sexual moment with someone you love.

There are various types of intimacy which include physical, mental, emotional and spiritual intimacy.

Physical intimacy deals with the physical aspect of a relationship thus when and how you like to be touched by your partner, mental intimacy generally is how a person opens up to someone telling them about what interests and make them fulfilled, emotional intimacy is how a person feels safe to openly talk about their feelings to others and lastly spiritual intimacy deals with sharing the meaningful aspect of your life with someone.

I would like to place emphasize on physical intimacy as a vital role to strengthen relationships.

The concept of getting intimate does not mean having intercourse. In this purpose, physical intimacy means being swept over by your partner’s love and warmth, by a single touch, a hug or a kiss. When there is no form of intimacy in a relationship, it begins to crumble and fall.


Intimacy strengthens the bond between two people and fosters closeness, love and affection between couples. It is a major binder that helps couples iron out the differences between them. Physical intimacy builds a stronger connection between two people by mitigating any existing negativity.



It Helps You Connect

It helps you connect with your partner in ways you would never imagine.


You Get To Feel Warmth

When you get intimate with your partner, you get to feel that special warmth of love, with just a simple hug.

The Secure Feeling

By getting intimate with your partner, you tend to feel secure in this big wide world. When he wraps his arms around you, the feeling is indescribable.

Makes You Feel Important

When you are held in your lover’s arms, it somehow makes you feel that you are important to your partner.

Waters Your Relationship

One of the many reasons why physical intimacy is important is because it helps to strengthen the bond of love.

Gets Your Hormones Rushing

The touch of a loved one’s fingers running down your cheek or holding your hand can give you an excitement. It makes the whole body shiver!

Sense Of Belonging

It gives you a sort of assurance that you belong with him or her after you get intimate in a relationship.


Adds That Spice To Love

One of the reasons why physical intimacy is important is because it adds spice to your relationship.


Makes You Feel Wanted

When you are in a relationship, there comes a time when you want to feel wanted by your partner. This is when you actually think that physical intimacy matters.


It’s An Expression Of Love

One of the biggest reasons why physical intimacy is important in a relationship is because this is one of the foremost ways in which partners express their love for one another. When a relationship lacks sexual chemistry and physical affection it is likely to fail.

Intimacy In A Relationship Helps To Build Trust

Logically, trust is built over time when a couple gets to know one another’s true loyalty, patterns, and behavior. But in the heart, or should we say brain, trust is often triggered by the release of oxytocin.

Trust is a huge part of relationships. When two people trust one another they feel free to be themselves, aren’t

suspicious of a third-party entering the relationship, and can be more open, honest, and vulnerable with their spouse.

When two people are physically intimate, whether having sex or cuddling close on the couch, the brain releases oxytocin, a hormone which makes people more trusting and open to social interactions.

It Promotes Chemistry

Being physically intimate means not only having intercourse with one another but also sharing personal moments of closeness. These can range from a sweet caress, a lingering kiss the lips, or suggestive proximity. This behavior promotes chemistry and sexual anticipation. This expectation brings excitement to the relationship and makes couples feel more connected.

Intimacy in a relationship can be strengthened when both partners find ways to improve on that aspect of the relationship by opening up to each other, making time for each other, trying something new and fun every day and spicing the relationship with new flavours .

Intimacy is a vital part of every successful relationship and every couple must learn to always improve upon in their relationship.