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In future the US requires more information before issuing a visa

If you want to enter the US in future, you have to reveal more information before you get your visa.They want to know your social media names. Email accounts and phone numbers are also affected.

That means that the applicants has to give information desk about their social media datas from the last five years. Applicants will be asked about their usernames, current and previous phone numbers and email adresses.            The US State Departement explains that the „national securtity has top priority.“ The US confirmes that it has adapted the applications forms for „migrants and nonmigrants visa“ in order to obtain further information. So the securtity should be more assured before an award of a Visa.

The importance of social media

Social media could have many information about a person. So the additional information should help to secure the identity of the applicant. In future, social media platforms will be specified on the applications forms. Therein the applicants has to fill in their usernames, email adresses and telephone numers of the last five years.                      The informations applies to tourist, business and educational stays in the United States of America.                        So far only the applicants who has been in a country which is controlled by a terrorism organisation had to give their social media informations. At this time about 60,000 people were affeceted every year. Now 15 millions applicants will be affected of the renovation every year.The measure was already announced in March 2018.


Story by Andrea Thieme/