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Former Minister for Trade and Industry, Honourable Ekwow Spio- Garbrah has affirmed his stance of competing for the flag bearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

According to Hon. Spio-Garbrah, he once contended for the flag bearer of the NDC and won the second place with a two months campaign. Hence, he is well assured of winning the flag bearer seat of the NDC.

Following rumours of the Former Minister endorsing Former President John Mahama in a Unity Walk at the Volta region, Honourable Spio- Garbrah retorted by saying he only beseeched the public to applaud the Former President for leading the Party in Unity Walks, which he believes will help the NDC win the 2020 general elections.

In the interview, he added that competing with a person does not denote throwing insults at each other.

To refute claims of not aiding John Mahama in winning 2016 elections due to his ambition, Honourable Spio-Garbrah clarified that such claims are untrue. He included that, he was an active campaigner for the Former President before the 2016 general elections.

Additionally, he stated, “I printed t-shirts for more than a 100 Parliamentary candidates with John Mahama’s image printed on it. I gifted winning MPs with bikes and added some amount of money. I was also on radio campaigning for the Former President.”

The Former Minister who doubles as Former Communications Minister, moreover, asserted that he was not called upon for Committee meetings of which he was a member, including the Communications Committee in the pre-2016 elections. “Those who led us into the 2016 elections are responsible for our lost in the 2016 elections”, he included.

When asked as to what distinguishes him from other nominees, the Former Minister replied that “I am a new and a capable option and also competent enough to handle the position and I have the experience”.

He averred that the NDC needs branding and marketing to enable them win the 2020 elections and from his perspective, he trusts that he is well equipped in that aspect since he has been into branding and marketing for some companies.

Story By: Sarah Appiah/