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Hon Hawa Koomson Redefines Womanhood- Women Rights Advocate

A women’s right advocate, Ike Yeboah Asante has underscored that MP for Kasoa, Hawa Koomson has redefined womanhood by exhibiting braveness in order to defend herself.

The MP who doubles as minister for special development initiatives is faced with an intense pressure to resign following her admission that he fired a gun at a registration center in Kasoa.

But in a statement, Ike Yeboah Asante contends that, the minister should rather be eulogized.

Read full statement below…

Hon Hawa Koomson Redefines Womanhood
The MP for Awutu Senya East and Minister Of Special Development Innitiative, Hon Hawa Koomson has redefined womanhood.

She has made the world Knows that in the chest of a woman lies the warriors and defenders of Woman’s Right.
She has proved that she is capable as a strong woman to stand against NDC sponsored hooliganism and thuggery.
To me, there should be three statues of Hon Hawa Koomson, one at where the incidence happened, one at Cape Coast Pedu Junction and another at Accra Independent square to remind our children’s children that there was a woman politician who stood against political hooliganism and vigilantism.
Having praised her for what she has done, it is imperative to lay bare the hypocrisy of the so called Civil Societies.
The Civil Societies who hailed Prof. Naana Opoku Agyeman appointment as Running Mate to the Incompetent John Mahama because she is a woman must also be seen to be backing Hon Hawa Koomson for her display of boldness against political intimidation.
I am calling on the Woman’s Right Advocates to condemn the attacks on Hon Hawa Koomson just because she pulled a gun to defend herself from unwarranted death
Quiet apart from that, I am a little bit devastated about the way a cross section of the Media are quick to draw conclusions based on misinformation received from a well-coordinated propaganda engineered by Pro-NDC journalists.
Let me also appeal to the NPP Supporters not to be carry away by anthics of NDC, rather, we should stand behind and beside her because the MP is not fighting for her personal gain but for the survival of The Great Elephant family at Kasoa.
To me, the world will forever remember Hon Hawa Koomson for her boldness.

Ike Yeboah Asante
Woman’s Right Advocate