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Hawa Koomson’s Thugs Assaulted me, seized my phone- Physically Challenged Man

A physically challenged person, Agya Adu, has shared a horrifying account of the violence that characterized the Electoral Commission’s registration exercise at the Steps to Christ center in Kasoa.
The man who is also chairman of the Landlord’s and Residents Association of the area in an interview with Pink FM’s Ghanamanwofase in a live news bulletin explained that he had his arm which is already deformed through an accident twisted by a member of the thugs when he attempted to take a video of the happenings.
“I was standing right beside the MP, Hawa Koomson because she knows me, I heard the gunshots and saw people been chased by the men who had come to the scene with the MP chasing people and firing shots at them. I decided to record and a man slapped me from behind and held my hand, twisting it in an attempt to seize my phone.” He explained.
According to him, it took the intervention of the MP who is also the Minister for special development initiatives to signal his men to release him.
But his phone, according to him was seized after the minister queried why he wanted to take shots.
“Madam Hawa Koomson indicates to me that, they’d only release my phone after they’ve erased all data from it but since yesterday, I’ve not had it. I spent about three hours in her house but never had my phone back” he narrated.
Agya Adu also mentioned that he had gone to the Kasoa police station to check whether his phone was sent there but was told by the police that no phone had been brought there.
Agya Adu, a teacher, called on the Kasoa MP, Hawa Koomson to release his phone to him since he needs it for an ongoing online registration.
Giving a chronology of events at the center, Agya Adu recounted that the heavily built men who were wielding clubs arrived at the center in a convoy with the minister. He said, the minister gave an order for suspected non residents who were trying to register to leave the center which followed by the violent attack on innocent persons.
On the claim by the minister of special development initiatives that, she personally fired the gunshot, Agya Adu holds a contrasting account.
“I swear by the Bible that I was standing by the MP, anybody who said she fired a gun must be lying. I didn’t see her pull a gun” he affirmed.
A horrified Agya Adu also accounted that, the Hawa Koomson had ordered the Electoral Commission officials to abrogate the exercise and move the center to a different area. According to Agya Adu who claims to be residing in the area for the past ten years, the Steps to Christ has been a center where all electoral affairs take place