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The United States is known as one of the most developed countries in the world. But how is it possible, that the gun law didn’t change through tens of years?

The recent shooting at Florida’s Douglas High school let the government face this issue once again. An intensification of the law was brought to society’s discussion. On 14th February, the 19-year old student Nikolas Cruz brutally killed 17 people with his own rifle. A weapon, which was supposed to be locked-in. The potentially violent culprit was caught by the police and finds himself under arrest now.

As a result, of the biggest school shooting in U.S history students established a movement with the aim of tightening the gun law. Many participants protested in front of the government’s building to put the president under pressure to act. But Donald Trump and the Senate of Florida refused almost every amendment. Instead of making it harder to buy weapons, Trump even suggested to train and arm teachers. Answering to violence with more violence is never a way to end brutality, that’s something a president should know these days

Only one requirement, supported by the Democrats made the bill. From now on the state will spend 100$ million on mental health care for students and on security upgrades for schools. Several other suggestions failed. For instance, giving the police the permission to collect weapons from people with potentially violent behavior.  With 20 as against 17 people, the Senate votes against aggravation of the gun law.

The students react to the decision of the government with disappointment and anger. After Trump declared the result of the election, the victim’s families started to cry for their dead children and that there is obviously no change in sight.

Jaclyn Corin, one of the leaders of the campaign, tweeted: ‘’This breaks my heart, but we will “NOT” let this ruin our movement. This is for the kids!’’


Story by: Charlotte Fitzke/