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Gospel Musician Extend Alms To Bawjiase Orphanage

A Ghanaian gospel artiste based in Europe, Helena Addison has extended alms to the countryside orphanage in Awutu Bawjiase in the central region.

The items donated includes food items and toiletries rounding up to several amount of Ghana Cedis.

Bawjiase orphanage

Speaking to this reporter, the gospel artiste revealed that it has been her dream for far too long to engage in charitable ventures.

Whilst in Europe, Helena said she had always dreamt of coming back to Ghana to put smiles on faces of the underprivileged, giving birth to her foundation.

“I always feel pity when I see people particularly children struggling in the streets. We do witness such incidences in abroad too but not too many as in Ghana. I juxtaposed a situation I witnessed abroad to what could be happening in Ghana and prayed to God to help me to be able to someday make a donation of this kind” she said.

About her music career, Helena envisages to release several tracks of gospel music but not for self promotion but to reach out to the perishing and also inspire the weak.

She added that this donation is just an introductory of what her foundation seeks to do.

On his part, Mr. Osei Wusu, administrator for the orphanage expressed his profound gratitude to Helena Addison and mentioned that her donation has come in time especially when we are still in the pandemic period.

Mr Owusu called on other philanthropists to come to the aid of the orphanage too.

“Most philanthropists donate items to us but we do also cater for the education of the people here and do need financial assistance too” he mentioned.

The Bawjiase orphanage has been in existence for several years and helped in nurturing so many orphans. The center has offered educational support to several orphans up to the tertiary level. Some of these persons but for the center and philanthropists may have never witnessed what education is.