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In recent times, the educational system in Ghana is recording a tremendous increase in the number of basic schools in the country. As the years go by, more basic schools are being established in our various societies.

This is supposed to be a very good development in the country. Because this indicates that, the future of the children of Ghana is very paramount to us. Instead this is rather causing ciaos in the educational system. Where individuals establish schools for their own selfish interest, rather than having the children at the heart and mind.

Houses of people have now being turned to basic schools. it could clearly be seen that some of these houses are in bad shape and are not well fit to be used as a school.  Because of these, they end up putting too much pupils in a particular class .This Act affects the academic work of the pupil and can even lead to the spread of diseases easily.

School principals and Heads of these institutions feels adamant in providing teachers with the appropriate teaching and learning materials to support academic work. some even do not purchase them at all .Mean while parents have paid fees for their children to be impacted with knowledge.

Some basic schools even allow schools pupils out of school to be gallivanting around. All this contribute to children encountering danger. These dangers maybe in the form of them being knocked down by a car or being kidnapped.

The question is whose fault is it? Is it GES, the parents, or the selfish heads who are to be blamed? And the answer to this question is yes, based on the opinion polls. If GES does not give people the go ahead to run schools in their homes am not sure they will? If GES delivers learning materials to publics schools on time, studies will be easier for the teachers and students.

GES must really work hard to check venues that are being used as schools. Selfish heads must also see to providing teaching and learning material as well as keeping schoolchildren safe from dangers. And parents must select good schools with serene environments for their wards with flexible and  affordable fees payment systems so they will stop using proximity as an excuse.

If this is not done and we keep to our ways, then we are destroying our future leaders. And we all are to be blamed.


Story by: Maame Esi Ewudziwaa/pinkfmonline,com