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Firing of Gunshots, Kasoa Youth Take Minister on

A youth group in Kasoa calling itself Concerned Youths of Kasoa is calling for the resignation of the MP for Kasoa, Hawa Koomson who doubles as the Minister for Special Development Initiatives for firing gunshots at a registration center.

The Kasoa legislator has come under vile criticism for accepting responsibility of gunshots which disrupted the Electoral Commission’s registration process at the Steps To Christ center in Kasoa.

Her predicament seems to be worsening with more associations within the constituency calling for her resignation as a minister of state.

Others have even called on the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice and Parliament to sanction her.

In a press release the Kasoa youth group also calls on people to blame the MP for any future electoral violence.

Read statement below:


We the concerned Youths of Kasoa who wish to see our dear town in a befitting pedestal for the positive reasons rise to condemn in no uncertain terms the dishonorable and misguided manner in which the supposed member of parliament Hawa Koomson fired rounds of warning shots without cause at a registration center.

As painful as it is to leave the comfort of our homes in this COVID era in the name of compiling a new register, all one will expect is to go and register peacefully and return home but the  MP is now leading a pack of miscreants to destabilize our dear Kasoa. The bravado with which she fired the arms leaves much to be desired of a mother. The most annoying part is her lying tongue amidst her Shame to cover up for the such a treacherous act by justifying her shameful act. We expect to see action taken on her for such senseless acts.

It is sickening to recall that dance hall sensation Stonebouy was arrested and charged for unlawful display of firearm but because Hawa Koomson has the blessings of the presidency, she is walking freely after several days of this annoying act. The police service should know that no citizen is above the laws of our land and they are admonished to apply them fairly without any selectivity.

We have noted that she has been invited by the central regional police command on her action. We entreat the police to investigate thoroughly and ensure that all laws guiding the discharge of firearms especially in public are fully satisfied.

We send a strong word of caution to her that, should be the first and the last she will exhibit such behavior if not we shall openly encourage the peace loving people of Kasoa to take their safety and security into their own hands. In any case, we expect action to be taken against her.

We encourage all within the Kasoa enclave to remain calm.

God bless Us all and help us to resist oppressors rule.

#Concern Youth of kasoa


Ewura Adwoa Asamoah