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Little Steps

Nowadays everyone is aware of the issues causing the climate change. Thanks to Ecosia, now even our little steps into the right direction can have a huge impact on our environment. Given that we all use search engines in our daily life, the easiest way to help is to just change your current one to Ecosia. For every 45 searches Ecosia plants a tree in one of its different tree planting projects all around the globe. The financial means for those projects are generated through the advertisement that appears with every search. In favor of that no costs for the users themselves arise.

Protection of Data

In addition to that, the German business provides a search engine that protects the personal data of their users. This results out of policies like not creating any personal profiles, not collecting data without your permission, encrypting connections (SSL/HTTPS) and not using any third party trackers.
For this engagement Ecosia, founded in 2009, won several awards. Furthermore, it was the first German company to become a B Corporation. Those are businesses which consider their impact on their workers, customers, suppliers, community and the environment.
In April 2018 already 25 million trees were planted, but only 6 month later there were over 40 million.  Considering this fast development, the aim of planting one billion trees by 2020 does not seem to be that far away.

Project in Ghana

The increasing number of planted trees has even a positive effect on Ghana.
Due to the fact that Ghana’s north is highly dependent on agriculture, problems – like the draught and exhaustion of the land – leave the population suffering. The deforestation, having the intention to create more land for the agriculture and should therefor help the population, makes the situation even worse. Erosion and the loss of fertility are the consequences. Looking into the past, Ghana’s forest cover has decreased from 8.8 million hectares to 1.2 million hectares within 100 years. Consequently, 25 years from now, there will not be any forest left, if the deforestation continues in this extension. That is why Ecosia started to plant trees in the north, having its office in Tamale together with TREE AID

Other Projects

As the monthly financial reports show, the main income is used for planting the trees. But Ghana is not the only country supported by Ecosia. For intsance, countries like Burkina Faso, Uganda, Senegal, Nicaragua, Spain, Indonesia, Brazil, Peru, Kenia, Madagascar, and Morocco are also profiting from those financial means.

To put it in a nutshell, Ecosia gives everyone an easy opportunity to make a change in the environment.

Story by: Tabea Marte/