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Former presidential staffer, Mr. Stan Dogbe has expressed that the Paramount chief of Akyem Abukwa, Amoatia Ofoli Panin II should stop seeking popularity with the dead of former Vice President Paa Kwesi Amissah-Arthur.

Stan Dogbe under the administration of former President John Dramani Mahama has taken side at Okyerhene Amoatia Ofoli Panin II who uncovered how vice president Paa Kwesi Bakoe Amissah-Arthur was taken to 37military hospital before his sadden dead.

Stan Dogbe explained that, the Paramount chief narration of the vice president dead is a mechanism to gain cheap popularity.

In a video posted on facebook, Okyenhene was saying that the former Vice President, who died on Friday June 29, 2018, was transported to the hospital at the back of a pick-up.

According to the Paramount chief, there was no ambulance to carry Mr. Amissah-Arthur to 37military hospital, where he met his untimely dead.

“As it is for 14 years, anytime I go there (gym) I meet my friend and we will talk, shake hands…. And then go to our different machine… I head “bang”, three women at the gym started screaming, I left my machine and went and there laid my friend trying to get some air to breathe”.

“We gather around him and pumped his heart as hard as we could, yell at his name. his wife calling, Jesus save him, I said call ambulance, let’s take him to hospital, when we took him out there was no car, so we threw the former Vice President in the back of a pick-up car and drove him to 37military hospital”.

However, Stan Dogbe argued that, if the Okyenhene says he was around and that they carry the Vice President to hospital with a pick-up, why then didn’t he send the Vice President to hospital with his car. And that he is just seeking cheap fame with that story.

In a Facebook post, Stan Dogbe said, “Someone should please tell the chief that he was not the only one present when the tragedy trucked our late boss and VP of this country to go around talking”.

He added, “Okyenhene has a luxury car there, and many other had their cars there, if he had a good heart and a spirit of helping others, maybe, just maybe, he would have sent him to the hospital in his car”.

He further emphasized that Okyenhene should “cease the recklessness of seeking cheap popularity by going to the public events and seeking to share colour stories. Granted that he was sent to hospital in someone’s vehicle, a pick-up, in the back seat of the vehicle, the bucket of the pick-up, as his statement sort to portray”

Stan Dogbe again asked, “which gym in this country has a standby ambulance anyway?”

“Your son Nana Addo is watching the national ambulance service collapses, deal with it and leave the family of our late boss to mourn their husband, grandpa, father, uncle and relation”. He stressed.


By: Rita Gyenkel/