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jerry ndcFormer President Jerry John Rawlings has admonished faithfuls of the NDC not to descent into gutters with others during this year’s political season to create an atmosphere of insecurity in their quest to retain power.

Speaking at the 24th anniversary of the party, Mr Rawlings said “2016 is an election year, the incumbent government must be feeling the heat of the criticism being the party facing critical assessment from the electorates including myself and the opposition…..But the NDC must not allow it’s desire to stay in power to compel it’s leaders at various levels to descend into the gutters and contribute to an atmosphere of insecurity” He admonished.

He also commended the party’s leadership for instituting the mass electoral collage in which all card-bearing members can elect leaders.

Mr. Rawlings however, urged the party members to  undertake a thorough introspection in order to identify and remove impediments to the party’s progress,“We need to offer ourselves multiple opportunities for intra-party soul-searching, where we can candidly look ourselves in the face and question our contribution to the success or otherwise of this political force.” He added.

He also urged party leaders to consult members on all decision-making processes to ensure true participatory democracy is achieved in the party.

Mr Rawlings founded the party in 1992 after leading the country for over a decade through a military coup.

He rode on the back of the party to win the 1992 and 96 elections under a democratic system.

He told party supporters that the NDC was borne out of the toil and sweat of the ordinary people of Ghana, who spontaneously rose up on June 4, 1979, to put an end to the arrogance of power, massive corruption and the denigration of the people of Ghana for well over a decade.

“I need not bore you with the history of the AFRC and the PNDC even though there are some here who actually need a few years of education on why some laid down their lives to bring them where they are today,” he stressed.

Meanwhile, NDC General Secretary Johnson Asiedu Nketia said the party is poised to win elections on November 7 as the party has repaired its image over the years.

“We have polished our image. You know that some time ago we were branded with the tag of a violent party and luckily we have managed to shed that branding completely and another group has graciously taken over that branding and we thank them for that,” he stated.

Story: Akwasi Addo,