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Did the FBI-Director distress Donald Trump?

Although he was agitating for sending Hillary Clinton to jail in the email-scandal, Donald Trump now criticizes James Comey for the timing he initiated the FBI-case. But was that the only reason for him to fire the FBI-Director?

On May 9, 2017 the President of the United States of America Donald Trump disbanded the FBI Direcotr James Comey. For many republican as well as democratic politicians it was a rather shocking decision to dismiss Comey who has only been 4 years in charge. Many Celebrities, like Jim Carrey, reacted primarily disgusted:

But there were also voices that supported Trump’s decision. The FOX News Channel moderator Sean Hannity tweeted:

Throughout his career James Comey was indisputable in every position and much valued by both republicans and even democrats. The member of the Republican Party has been working from 2003 to 2005 as the vice attorney general for the Bush Administration. Afterwards he started working the private sector. From 2005 to 2010 he has not only been the general counsel at the arms factory Lockheed Martin but also senior vice president of the company. Before being nominated as FBI Director by President Obama in 2013 the former federal prosecutor was an executive at the world’s “biggest” hedge fund Bridgewater Associates.

After the US election on 8th November 2016 James Comey was second-guessed for instituting a procedure against Hillary Clinton.

In July 2016 the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation announced under oath not to trace Hillary Clinton, although WikiLeaks published data that accuses her of using her private email server for official political means. After the platform, founded by Julian Assange, released more evidence to push charges against the democratic nominee, Mr. James Comey changed his mind. He wrote a letter to the senate in which he proclaimed to revive the investigation by virtue of new material.

During a senate judiciary hearing on last Wednesday the FBI Director assured the committee that he did not deliberate “for a second” about whether any “political fortune will be affected”. Being asked about links between Russian officials and the Trump campaign Comey stated the averments are examined “consistently under the same principles” as the Clinton email probe. Furthermore he subjoined that Russia is the “greatest threat of any nation on earth, given their intention and capability”. But in the same breath he declared to “not gonna say another peep about [the link between Trump and Russia] until we’re done”.

Shortly after Justice Minister Jeff Sessions taking office, he conveyed to survey whether James Comey acted lawfully in the Clinton email case. After a relation between Donald Trump’s former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn and Russian officials trickled through, James Comey intensified the efforts of the complex Trump-Russia investigation. A few hours before Mr. Comey was fired by Donald Trump on advice by Jeff Sessions his Bureau subpoenaed Mike Flynn to pump him for information. The White House denied any links between the discharge of Comey and his Russia-investigation. In the FBI Director’s redundancy letter Donald Trump confessed inter alia that he “appreciates it very much that on three different occasions James Comey emphasized, he (Trump) is not subject of the investigation”.

At the moment Vice Director Andrew McCabe assumes responsibility for the FBI. In the limelight for Comey’s replacement are amongst others the former republican opponent Chris Christie, who has been state attorney before, and the incumbent and longest serving Commissioner of the New York Police Department Ray Kelly.


Story: Leon Seidel/