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Despite warnings to developers, new structures continue to spring up along our drains in Accra.

These structures mostly consisting of kiosks and large containers continue to increase in number along the drains.

Most of these people know very well that they are living and settling in a danger zone yet they ignore the fact and still settle there, not willing to oblige to the warnings from the Metropolitan Assemblies.

These settlers and residents along the drains heavily pollute the drains with rubbish and filth, some even defecate and throw it into the gutters this then piles up in the gutters producing unbearable stench.

Nature is unpredictable and during heavy rainfalls these very people are the most affected ones because the drains which are meant to collect excessive rain water are filled with filth, causing the drains to overflow anytime it rains.

The rain is then redirected and flows straight into the rooms of the people along the drains. In such unfortunate incidents, most of these settlers happen to get their properties like television sets, fridges, beds, money and among others being swept away by the heavy rains or water that entered their homes.

Some people loose their lives in some cases when affected residents try to flee for their lives. An example of such incident is the June 3rd disaster which occurred last year 2015 which claimed the lives of many people and left hundreds deformed and injured.

Most people do not adhere to the warnings by the Metropolitan Assemblies and still put up structures, stores or offices along drains and when they are affected by the rain they seek help from the government.

Then the money meant for developmental projects would be sent to them in the form of relief items to assist them cope after the heavy downpour.

we are therefore urging and  pleading to the various Metropolitan Assemblies and the government to keep serving notice to settlers along such areas before actions are taken.