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Deliberate agenda to cast doubt over coup plot – Baako claims

Abdul Malik Kwaku Baako has claimed there is a deliberate attempt to cast doubt over “an elaborate plot” to destablise the Akufo-Addo government as found by security agencies.

The Editor-in-Chief of the New Crusading Guide newspaper said the pictures of the weapons circulating in the media was not sanctioned by the state security agencies that foiled the coup plot.

“These pictures circulating on social media were taken by a certain nurse who works at the health facility. She gave them to a journalist and the journalist put them out to reinforce the scepticism and so that was the purpose.

“The security has put nothing out there in terms of pictorial. It was a deliberate and calculated agenda. It helped the agenda that there is no case,” he disclosed.

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He made the comments on Accra-based radio station, Peace FM.

He added that the photos of a long kitchen knife, five pistols, pump-action guns, Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) among others were circulated by a nurse at Citadel Hospital at Alajo.

The motive, he noted, was to promote scepticism about the attempted coup.

The government on Monday announced a planned attack on the Jubilee House had been detected and foiled by a combined team of security operatives.

The planned attack was intended to destabilise the country, the government said in a statement.

The said operation, according to a statement from the Information Ministry, took place on Thursday, September 19, 2019.

Dr Frederick Yao Mac-Palm said to be the owner of Citadel Hospital, and his two accomplices – Ezor Kafui (a local weapon manufacturer) and Bright Allan Debrah Ofosu (aka BB or ADC), are suspected to be part of an elaborate coup plot.

The three suspects have, however, been charged with five counts by a District Magistrate’s Court.

They were charged with conspiracy to commit crime, to wit, manufacturing of arms and ammunition; conspiracy to commit crime, to wit, the possession of firearms, explosives and ammunition without lawful excuse; two counts of manufacturing of arms and ammunition. and finally possession of explosives, arms and ammunition without lawful excuse.

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