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Jordan Methodist Basic School

Jordan Methodist Basic School located in the heart of the Teshie community, has call out some of their challenges at which immediate solutions are needed.

According to the headmaster of the school, Mr. Godsway Kumado, “This number one school established in 1993, has got about four hundred (400) students at its present, twenty-seven (27) staff members with fifteen (15) classrooms and six (6) urinals for students which is not enough”.

The greatest challenge of the school is its poor location. It has been sited close to a very big gutter which imposes much fear into the students and staffs whenever there is a heavy rain fall.

very dangerous

However, in an interview with Mr. Kumado, he said, “the location of the school is very terrible. When it rains, the flooding from the drainage both in front and behind the school, move onto the compound instead of flowing straight into the gutter.

Due to this, all the classrooms get flooded causing the books of the students kept in the cardboard to also get wet. Parents would also have to rush into the school to carry their kid home.”

Jordan Methodist Basic School
Jordan students

Students in view of this avoid class whenever it rains, and if they should be present, then they do so with the intention to save their learning materials and to scoop the water from their classrooms, he added.

effect of flood

Wet books spread

The situation has actually got out of hand, as whenever class is in section and there is a change in climate, students are forced to lose concentration during that period.

As a result of this, the performances of students are very low as they do not have effective studies when it gets to the raining season and any other day when it rains. “The Basic Education Certificate Examination (B.E.C.E) results of our students are not encouraging at all as expected” said Mr. Godsway.

Furthermore, the school being located in the middle of the township has made it a first choice for parents when they are in search of school for their wards. Although this has been an advantage to the citizens in the community, some parents find it difficult to provide learning materials for their children and also there has been an inadequate capitation grant to feed students.

Mr. Godsway also indicated that, the Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) have made some donation to each classroom to enhance the learning condition of students and that has been the contribution to the school.

Even though the school has got low facilities, there have been some old students from the school, who have become top officials such as educationists, radio presenters, and business persons in the country.

The school is therefore crying out loud for the government, District Chief Executive (DCE) and the assemblyman of the community to come to their aid. “The school’s building is in a construction defect in the sense that, the compound of the school has been raised higher than the buildings and this causes the classrooms to get waterlogged when it rains.

On account of this, the greatest thing we wish for is that, our leaders of the community and the government should demolish all the buildings and reconstruct them to be higher than the ground to prevent the classrooms from getting flooded. Also, we need more learning materials and some computers for effective studies and the improvement upon the academic performance of our students. Although we have some sponsorship from the World Bank, more hands are needed to advance the school for more children to be educated in the community” said Mr. Godsway Kumado.

The Jordan Methodist School located in the heart of the Teshie community cry out for support to improve their learning condition.



By: Marcia Yeboah/