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iPhone user sues Apple for turning him gay

A Russian iPhone user recently filed a one million ruble lawsuit against Apple, accusing the American corporation of indirectly turning him gay. In a court filing that went viral on Russia’s internet, the plaintiff alleges that he became “mired in a same-sex relationship” after receiving the wrong kind of cryptocurrency on

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp go down same time

What would happen if Facebook and some of its apps — such as Instagram and WhatsApp — were to all go down at about the same time? And then stay intermittently out for hours? On Wednesday, people around the world found out when all three services experienced interruptions throughout the day. The


It is rare in this part of our world to hear about technological breakthrough. Most of the heavy industrial machines and the luxury cars we see on our roads are often imported from US, China, Japan among others. Perhaps, the time has finally come for Ghana to invent her own

SmartSapp launched to check kidnapping in schools

MineX 360 Services have designed an application that will enable parents and school authorities easily check when pupils get to school and when they depart. The application known as SmartSapp will notify guardians of who drops off their kids at school and who picks them up and at the exact time. This

The Google city that has angered Toronto


It was meant to be a vision of how we will all live in future – a smart city built from the internet up – offering citizens the chance to experience the very latest technology. That would include autonomous cars, innovative ways to collect rubbish and shared spaces for communities to

WhatsApp discovers ‘targeted’ surveillance attack


Hackers were able to remotely install surveillance software on phones and other devices using a major vulnerability in messaging app WhatsApp, it has been confirmed. WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook, said the attack targeted a “select number” of users, and was orchestrated by “an advanced cyber actor”. A fix was rolled

Facebook copied email contacts of 1.5 million users


Facebook “unintentionally” uploaded the email contacts of more than 1.5 million users without asking permission to do so, the social network has admitted. The data harvesting happened via a system used to verify the identity of new members, Facebook asked new users to supply the password for their email account, and took


The official Samsung Galaxy Note 9 launch date is August 9, after an invite was sent out by Samsung on June 27. The unveiling will happen in Brooklyn, New York at 11am EST (8am PST, 4pm BST). It's the next big Android smartphone to release, and it'll be here next month. It