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The Greater Accra Regional Directorate in a press release wishes to alert the general public that, with the rainy season we are in now, and poor sanitation, then there is going to be an outbreak of cholera and other infectious diseases in the region.

Cholera is one of the killer diseases. If one ends up suffering from cholera then it is as a result of poor sanitation. To prevent the occurrence of any outbreak, Ghana Health Service is advising the general public to adopt to preventive measures.

These preventive measures include maintaining food and water safety, and this could be done by drinking and cooking with safe water, covering our foods always, washing fruits and vegetables always before eating, eating hot food as well as storing water in clean containers.

We must also ensure that we wash our hands with soap under running water before cooking, eating, feeding our babies and serving our meals. It is also important to wash our hands after playing and taking care of sick people. Because of this parents are to ensure that their wards wash their hands after playing.

Another important measure is keeping the environment clean. This is major factor when comes to the outbreak of cholera. Uncollected rubbish must be covered to prevent flies from settling on them. Let us avoid defecating around and use toilet facilities. The toilet facilities must be cleaned with disinfectants.

In case one suffers from diarrhea, the best thing to do is to take Oral Rehydration Salt (ORS) immediately. It can save life. And report to the nearby health facility. Make sure you continue drinking the ORS till you get to the health facility.

If this is done the outbreak of cholera in the region will be prohibited


story by: Maame Esi Ewudziwaa/