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Angela Merkel – the most powerful woman in the world continues being it.

On 14th March Merkel was re-elected as German chancellor after six months of political deadlock. Several discussions about possible coalitions turned a lot of Germans into being insecure about the upcoming leadership. Moreover, the negotiations of the EU are stalled, and they needed to have a strong partner in collaboration.

According to her saying that after 12 years of ruling, there aren´t 12 more years to come, it appears to be Merkel´s last legislative period.

It seems that the German chancellor is going to pursue a different political course in her fourth term. “We want to create policy, take over responsibility in family and working environment” – strong words, which are more energetic and dynamic than the ruler was showing in the past.

Perhaps the pressure to make soft policy to be re-elected in next term is finally gone and she is ready to deal with themes, she is personally concerned about: women, digitalisation and Europe.

Merkel doesn´t want to be Ms Fix – it anymore.

Of course, her freedom of action is confined by her party and the coalition contract, she must work in between those borders. Germany´s two biggest parties Christian Democratic Party (CDU) with Angela Merkel as their leader and Social Democratic Party (SPD) installed a new condition in the contract, to make sure that the process of decision is counterbalanced. After two years, they get the chance to decide if they want to maintain this collaboration.

In one of the goals, the chancellor deeply cares about; gender equality, she already made progress in the past years. Without great public attention, she helped to organize networks of women. This election period half of the vacancies of the cabinet are filled with women.

Merkel polarized particularly with her “open – door – policy”, according to the great number of refugees from Syria and Iraq entering Europe. Even she herself confessed, that while facing it Germany was likely to divide into two parts. In her probably last term she wants to unite them again.

Angela Merkel is doing a good job as German chancellor, even though she is known to be too hesitant in deciding. In a leadership, which contains more than 12 years, there are many obstacles and crisis to deal with, some of them she solved better than others. But to break it down for everybody, Germany was never that wealthy and developed.

Through all the Merkel – Bashing, Germans shouldn´t forget what she did for the country, for the world!


Story by: Elisabeth Fitzke