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Jamaica coalition

Jamaica coalition is a coalition that ties the left-wing green (radical liberals) and right-wing (conservative social-Christians) together. They just never matched. That is why the coalition could have become so powerful. As a sign against the AfD and the right-wing populism. As a unifying alliance for a divided country.

Jamaica would have been the coalition of the educated, West German, top earners-even if Union, FDP and Greens serve different sub-milieus. Speaking sociologically, this is not unproblematic. But speaking political, cultural and habitual, a Jamaica coalition would have represented the bourgeois middle class.

The answer to AfD’s pseudo-bourgeois Biedermeier extremism can only be radical bourgeoisie. That would have been the project of the century for the Jamaica coalition. Bigger than the “Hartz” reforms, the first foreign deployments of the “Bundeswehr”, perhaps only comparable to reunification. Why this coalition should have succeeded?

“One must contradict the AFD categorically and without exception, to get them down”. Especially left and greens are supporting this kind of thought. On the other hand parties like CSU and parts of the CDU are thinking that one has to become enough right winged to relieve voters of the AfD. Both thoughts on their own are wrong, together they are right.

The political center has to diversify its offer to make clear that there is room for controversy. The center is not a one-dimensional place where either eternally conservative or refugee-welcome greens set the tone. In which a foul consensus covers everything. No, the middle class has a whole range of positions. Almost everyone can feel represented. There is no reasonable reason to search for alleged alternatives at the external borders of the discourse and party landscape.

One can support the thought of the Union, that only a few refugees should come to Germany or one can support the extensive border opening like the Greens. Some people think marriage should be available for everyone and others, that marriage is exclusively for a connection between a man and a woman. Maybe you want to ban diesel from the road or leave it to the open market. One can see the government in charge to guarantee decent pensions to low-paid people. Or just demand that the individual freedom must also apply to old-age provision. Those are all positions that can and must be articulated within the basic liberal consensus. There used to be folk parties for such suspenses. Today coalitions are in charge, sometimes even more than two parties.

So what is happening now? There are three options: Minority government, new election or big coalition. The only thing one can do is wait hand see what is happening.