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The dispute between Madrid and Barcelona goes on


In the dispute over the independence of Catalonia from Spain, both sides are heading towards a confrontation. The political leadership in Barcelona refused to fulfill the ultimatum of the central government to resign of an own state. Afterwards, the government in Madrid immediately announced that it would take measures against the economically strong region in the northeast.

Just a few minutes before the ultimatum ended, at 10 o’clock, the Catalan government head “Carles Puigdemont” published his answer. He declared that he would agree on a dialogue with the government and threatened with independence. He referred to the 10th of October, when the independence had already been declared, but than got suspended immediately.

The government of Conservative Prime Minister “Mariano Rajoy” announced that it would take action against the independence efforts. The Central Government has recognized the “no” from Barcelona, according to a release in Madrid. That is why they will use the Constitutional Law 155 to legitimate the restore of Catalonia. A meeting of the Council of Ministers was convened for Saturday. In this case, concrete measures will to be discussed.

The Constitution allows the central government to “take the necessary means” to force an autonomous region to fulfill its legal obligations. It could set off Puigdemont, dissolve the Catalan government, or force a new election to the regional parliament. It is the first time that this regulation is being used since it was put down on paper in 1978.

The conflict between Madrid and Barcelona has lasted for weeks. The Catalan government ignored a ban on the Constitutional Court and organized a referendum on independence on 1 October. This resulted in a massive police intervention against participants in the vote. With a participation of 42.3 percent, 90.1 percent voted for a detachment from Spain.

Doesn’t matter which side will “win” the dispute, both sides will actually lose. The economy will be destroyed, doesn’t matter who wins.