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Elections in Germany 2017

Elections in Germany

On the 24th of September were the German elections. The influence of the non-voters was not as big as it used to be in 2013. 75 % of the people who were able to vote, voted. Since 2016 you can see that the electoral participation increases. On one had the reason for that is the rising of the AFD. On the other hand people are more interested in politics again. Especially the topics of international security, integration and social cohesion are issues which arouses the interest of the people towards politics.

Nevertheless the two biggest parties (SPD & CDU) had to take a big loss. The result of the CDU has declined by 8.7 % and of the SPD by 5,2 %. The AFD gained 8,3 percent. It is a party of the right populists. That is why the results are very shocking for many people. Also if you are following surveys people seem to be very dissatisfied about the results. Those surprising results will provide many  discussions in the future, in the parliament and the population.